Mirvac Design Celebrates Registered Architects.

The architect’s hand is integral to the vision, planning and documentation of both the masterplan and built form of any project, with experience, confidence and credentials a cornerstone of success.

While the experience and contributions of development, construction and marketing are not to be underestimated, the unique talents and experience of each architect who forms part of Mirvac Design’s team underpins the direction of communities, the success of which is determined by the skill they bring to their job.

The journey towards registration as an architect is the sum of parts - on the job and formal training – essential requirements to support a robust perspective including finance, legal, and even insurance implications, all areas that might not seem related to design at first glance, but resoundingly linked to the impact the built environment has on the wellbeing of people and places.

Obtaining the credential of a registered architect requires commitment and tenacity – 5 years of tertiary study, followed by a minimum of 2 years of logged professional experience, and after all of this, a rigorous written exam and interview. Perhaps not for the fainthearted, but right for the true believers.

Mirvac Design is proud to employ five talented professionals - Halima Begom, Edward Yao, Jinyi Xu, Wayne Wu and Daniel Viglione – who have all benefitted from a supportive and progressive workplace to achieve their accreditation and recognition as registered architects.

For Wayne Wu, Architect, joining Mirvac Design as a graduate was a welcome step forward, assuring him exposure to every stage of project design and construction, an experience that has provided the vital knowledge required to successfully sit the registration exam.

For Edward Yao, Senior Architect, Mirvac Design’s integrated model has been of tremendous benefit to his professional experience:

“To be able to work in such a collaborative environment alongside colleagues in the development and construction industry and to both benefit and contribute our expertise as professionals in our field elevates my work to higher levels as a registered architect “.

Like Edward, Jinyi Xu , Senior Architect also believes that working closely with other disciplines has increased her capacity for problem solving, particularly as it relates to her work on construction documentation and the resolution of more practical issues. She describes being engaged as part of a broader team as “One of the key motivations and aspects of reward in my role”.

Halima Begom, Project Architect has been with Mirvac Design for over two years is currently registered as an Architect in the UK, recently benefiting from an agreement between the governing bodies who register Architects in the UK and Australia, providing for the mutual recognition of the qualifications of architects.

Daniel Viglione, Architect has been with Mirvac Design for just over 5 years, views his registration as personal and professional milestone:

“Getting registered was a huge step in my career and marks the end of a major stage in both my education and professional development, and the start of the next. Architectural registration opens up so much opportunity for further growth and career development and I’m excited to see what the future has in store.”

Earning recognition as a registered architect is perhaps not always as linear as planned, and rarely easy, but a title proudly earned and wholeheartedly supported by Mirvac Design.