We are always on the lookout for talented, creative individuals who can bring their unique skills to our team.

Mirvac Design is an architectural practice with the unique ability to see projects realised – as a design professional, you will see what you have imagined come to life and enjoy sharing in the communities we create.

We are also the proud recipient of a Commendation in the 2020 AIA Best in Practice Awards. “Commendation recipient Mirvac Design has shown that non-traditional practice structures are not a barrier to developing a positive and supportive workplace.” The Best in Practice Prize recognises excellence in practice, with a focus on the development of supportive and inclusive workplaces and contributing to the overall success and elevation of a positive workplace culture in Architecture.

If you are interested in joining our team please send your CV and reduced e-portfolio to our team at

For advertised opportunities within the Mirvac Group, please follow this link:

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AIA Award
Mirvac Design Team Walking
Mirvac Design Team Walking
Mirvac Design Team Walking