Green Square Construction Update

There’s a hive of activity at Green Square, a flagship example of one of the largest urban renewal projects in Australia and we’re excited to see the project come to life.

From planning, to laying the foundations and fine-tuning the finishing touches, quality and care in every detail makes the Mirvac difference. In collaboration with Mirvac Design, our in-house team of award-winning designers and architects, Smart Design Studio and CO-AP Green Square is a perfect example of urban life, reimagined.



Since construction commencement in July 2021, progress across the site has continued in spite of inclement weather, Covid and supply constraints.

Daniel Corry, the Project Manager for Mirvac Construction, shares an update on the development’s third site, the residential apartment arm of Green Square, where foundations are being laid for Portman House, Portman on the Park and The Frederick, all soon to be breathtakingly beautiful homes in a buzzing new community.