There are certain qualities of spaces that open our subconscious minds and make us aware of ourselves, just like meditation. Whether it’s a room or an entire city, architecture – and the elements within the design - has the capabilities to promote human interaction, move us and leave us with ever-lasting experiences.

Michael Wiener, Mirvac Design is one architect who places wellbeing, and connecting people to nature and each other, at the centre of his design philosophy.

“What I really love about designing residential architecture, is that we’re designing places for people to live,” he said.

“We have to make sure that what we’re designing enriches people’s lives and that it makes them feel good when they wake up and feel even better when they return.”

“Not your typical apartment building”

One of Mr Wiener’s recent projects, Ador by Mirvac located within The Peninsula Burswood, is an example of architectural design that is driven by a desire to celebrate the natural beauty of the surroundings and in doing so, inspire residents to do the same.

“When we started out designing Ador, we knew that we wanted to create something different, something quite special. So, from the very onset, this was not going to be your typical apartment building,” Mr Wiener said.

“The design has focused on bringing beauty into people’s lives. We have created wonderful light-filled spaces that are regenerative and enhance people’s wellbeing. That really is critical to creating a dwelling that nurtures you.”

All about lifestyle

Ador is also a remarkable example of design that embraces the Australian way of living – with a huge focus on indoor-outdoor spaces which connect people to nature, like big, expansive balconies, flowing areas of greenery and access to remarkably landscaped parks and gardens.

“It’s spoken about often, but when designing like this, it’s about bringing the outside in. It’s about connecting the external environment to the internal environment so there’s a seamless transition between inside and outside when you desire it. There are times you want to close the doors, but there are times you really want to open those doors up and feel like you’re one with nature,” Mr Wiener said.

From the rooftop

Rooftop common amenity spaces are a wonderful way to create community within a residential space, whilst embracing those incredible panoramic views.

“When designing these spaces, we make sure that one element enhances another element. I think when you want to create something special, then that’s a very important part of the process,” Mr Wiener said.

“You need to make sure that you understand all of the surrounding things that will make that experience memorable. I believe that’s what we’ve achieved on the rooftop at Ador.”

Inspired by beauty and entwined with nature, Ador is a refined collection of exclusive residences and premium pavilion designs located within Mirvac’s award-winning community of The Peninsula Burswood. Visit the website to find out more.


Article written by Perth now, read more via the website here